Kaely Ferrara

Individual, Couple, Family and Group Psychotherapy

An Integrative Approach to Trauma Treatment

A full Mind-Body-Spirit approach to healing 

Emotional Balance

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Over 200 worksheets aimed to support you in learning how to develop emotional balance, identify and  intervene on negative self talk, and improve your ability to resolve relational conflict.





Over 100 exercises and independent work focused around using movement and mindfulness 

to reestablish internal safety, process trauma held within the body, and realign the body-mind relationship 

Identity Exploration



A variety of self care challenges designed to enhance your self care routine and further explore your identify through relational challenges, sensory exploration, and inner child focused exercises. 

Symptom Management



Various evidence based standardized testing tools to accurately identify your diagnosis, identify shifts in your severity of symptoms, and track milestones achieved with treatment.