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Individual, Couple, Family and Group Psychotherapy

Mind, Body, and Spirit centered psychotherapy

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Healing After Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event can be life changing. Treating trauma effectively requires a complex approach to allow for cognitive, social, and body-based healing to occur.

The Effects of Trauma

Symptoms of trauma manifest differently according to ones experiences. Psychological symptoms may include: Difficulty trusting others, feeling “on edge”, nightmares, and intrusive memories. The physical manifestation of pain, also known as “Somatic Symptoms”, may include chronic nausea, migraines or muscle tension that has no clear medical explanation.

Family Therapy

When a loved one experiences trauma, it can impact an entire family. Siblings, parents, and spouses may feel powerless in knowing how to help. Family Therapy can help re-establish connection, while empowering members in their own healing process.

Group Psychotherapy 

Women’s Group

This group is a 10 week process group for women at least 18 years old. The cost is $25 per group. Women’s Group is designed to support women with life transitions, family and individual stress, grief, infidelity, depression, and anxiety. 

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