Kaely Ferrara

Psychotherapy for Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders

Mind and body centered psychotherapy, rooted in Neuropsychology

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Healing After Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event can be life changing. Treating trauma effectively requires a complex approach to allow for cognitive, social, and body-based healing to occur.

The Effects of Trauma

Symptoms of trauma manifest differently according to ones experiences. Psychological symptoms may include: Difficulty trusting others, feeling “on edge”, nightmares, and intrusive memories. The physical manifestation of pain, also known as “Somatic Symptoms”, may include chronic nausea, migraines or muscle tension that has no clear medical explanation.

Somatic Experiencing

A Mind-Body approach to healing. 

A ‘psychobiological’ approach which focuses on strengthening our ability to make logical sense (‘psycho’) of our body’s sensations (‘bio’) by strengthening neurological regions that promote introception (the ability to ‘feel into’ the body). 


Trauma impacts our body’s natural flow of how we process information. Survivors will often struggle with making sense of their symptoms. For individuals who appreciate a more educational approach to therapy, neuropsychology can help make sense of ‘the why’ behind your symptoms. Neuropsych provides a framework for how to best approach trauma recovery by calming down overactive regions of the brain and re activating the ‘logical thinking’ area of the brain (prefrontal cortex).